Two primes ??are ??twin primes when its distance is 2.

(3, 5) (5, 7) (11, 13) (17, 19)(29, 31) (41, 43)… Are twin primes

Dubbed twins because of Paul Stäckel, the idea of twin primes is to find consecutive odd numbers (and primes??), as we know the only two consecutive primes are 2 and 3, so its distance is 2.

 Thoose are of type (6n – 1, 6n + 1) for n> 1 which is reasonable since otherwise the two numbers would be even or one would be a multiple of 3.

How many twin primes not known to exist but the most common belief is that they are infinite.

Its distribution has been approximated by a Hardy-Littlewood conjecture and following a distribution law very similar to the prime number theorem.

We also know that the sum of the reciprocals of all twin primes converges in a constant called Brun constant unlike the sum of the primes that diverges.

B2 ˜ 1,902160583104

The largest known twin primes are far 2003663613 · 2195000 – 1 and 2003663613 · 2195000 + 1, and were discovered by Vautier, McKibbon and Gribenko et al in 2007.

Today it is known that a numbers n and n + 2 are twin primes if and only if:

twin primes